Britney Lightspeed

First Impressions

Like all the Lightspeed girls Britney is a cutie pie. She has a warm, gentle smile, expressive eyes and a cute nose to go with her slim teenage body. Britney was supposedly discovered by Steve Lightspeed himself and I can see what he saw in her. She’s a tiny babe at only 5’1” but she packs a lot of sexiness into that frame. The tour provides two free sample movies that are so small you can barely make out what’s going on. It’s well intentioned on their part but ultimately a stupid idea.

Hot Promises

One of the big pushes they make on the tour is for the lesbian content. One of the free videos features Britney and a blonde hooking up and there are pictures all over showing cute chicks making out with each other. All the content is exclusive and in addition to the girl-girl action Britney has prepared a number of solo photo galleries and sexy videos. They list her most popular content sets on the tour if you want to take a look at what people like best about her.


They list all the content under cheesy graphical headers and despite the lack of any real design it’s easy to find everything. All the pertinent content is listed near the top of the page and below that you’ll find tons of advertisements (and I do mean tons) and the leased feeds that are your bonus content. The latest updates are the first thing you’ll see, but it should be noted that those aren’t actual updates. They recycle their content here, pulling something from the bottom of the list and putting it back at the top. They call it an update but it’s mostly to make new members feel as though the site is updated, at least for a little while.

The important question then becomes is there enough content here to keep you happy for at least a month, maybe more. My job is to answer that question so read on and find out for sure. The content has been divided into three categories: pictures, girlfriends and videos. My trip through the member’s area began in the pictures section and inside there are 50 galleries of Brandy posing in a variety of cute outfits. Like most of her Lightspeed sisters Brandy is all about cuteness. They tend to stay away from sexy outfits and lingerie sets, instead concentrating on building an image of her as a youthful teen babe looking to live out her exhibitionist fantasies.

That goal is met with excellent and skill, but you’ll quickly tire of these pictures if you want variety. If you like your teen models to show overt sexiness every now and then you’re simply out of luck. If you like them to be cute all the time then you’re in the right place. You’ll see a lot of pastel tank tops, cute skirts, t-shirts and simple bra and panty sets. Britney doesn’t always wear a bra though, thanks to her perky breasts not needing one. Most of the solo images sets feature 40-80 shots and Britney gets fully nude in the majority of them. You will get to see her pussy.

Surprisingly the girlfriends section features more content than the solo sets. There are 70 picture galleries featuring girl-girl action, although it should come as no surprise since most of the Lightpseed sites feature girl on girl love. I guess they figure if they’ve got access to all these beautiful women they might as well use them in a cross promotional way. Some of the Lightspeed girls aren’t willing to do much with other girls so you end up with lots of super softcore girl-girl galleries that don’t even approach lesbian status.

Britney Lightspeed is not one of those girls. Judging by these pictures she’s a full on lesbian, gleefully fingering her friend’s beautiful pussy, sucking tits and kissing passionately. It’s hard to capture the true passion of a lesbian hookup in a photo but they do an admirable job here. Plus, there’s something to be said for checking out pictures of hot teen girls getting naked together. Many galleries feature more than two girls; you’ll find upwards of five or six in some cases. It can get a little unwieldy in those situations but it’s still hot.

In many ways the girl-girl picture galleries are just setting the table for the video clips. In the pictures they seem to be flirting with each other, not quite going all the way over the border into lesbian territory. In the videos they throw those limitations out the window and hop across the border, gleefully engaging in exceptionally sexy lesbian play. For instance, the scene titled “3 with Dildo” features three girls getting naked, kissing, and penetrating each other with dildos. In fact, many of the videos feature an appearance by a dildo as it seems to give the girls great pleasure.

The videos run between 8-15 minutes on average and the highest resolution clip you’ll find is 480x360. An improvement in the resolution would be nice but otherwise the presentation of the downloadable scenes is fantastic. It begins with a screen capture gallery designed to let you preview the scene before committing to a download. Then you’re given five formats to choose from: Windows Media, MPEG, QuickTime, iPod and Mobile 3g2. The videos are far and away my favorite part of Britney Lightspeed despite there being only 22 of them.

The bonus content is a big part of a membership to Britney’s site. You’re given two options when joining. The first is to buy membership to Britney’s and nine other Lightspeed sites for $34.95. The second is to purchase access to the entire network for $39.95. The deal is a good one but it’s a little expensive, especially if you’re only interested in Britney. Nevertheless, if you choose the right sites with your nine bonus picks you’ll find that you have access to enough content to last for years. You can also browse through hundreds of leased feeds that feature everything from teen cheerleaders to hardcore porn stars.

Croco’s Opinion

Britney Lightspeed’s site is better than I expected. There’s far more content than I could have hoped for, especially on the lesbian side of things. She and her Lightspeed sisters hook up in insanely hot sex scenes, including full length videos where the girls go to town. The passionate kissing is my favorite part but you may love the fingering or the dildo play. Plus, you can’t underestimate the erotic power of naked teens, no matter what they’re doing. Your membership comes with at least nine bonus sites and although it’s a little expensive it’s a lot of content.


The design is simple but it’s easy to find everything. There are too many ads on the member’s main page, way too many, but they don’t get in the way of the content so it’s a minor sin.

Pricing Policy

It’s an expensive $34.95 per month for 10 sites and $39.95 per month for access to the entire Lightspeed network.

Pricing Policy

$29.95 for 30 days and then $24.95 recurring every 30 days. Credit cards are accepted through CCBill.

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